Types of Site Protection Equipment

Types of Site Protection Equipment

Site protection equipment is essential to prevent staff from getting seriously hurt at a construction site. Site construction usually involves strenuous activities that are high-risk and can lead to a range of accidents. Here is a list of the most common types of personal protection equipment used by workers.

A List Of Site Protection Equipment

Safety Helmets

Safety helmets are a vital form of site protection equipment. During construction processes, there is a great chance of debris falling and potentially landing on a member of staff. Therefore, construction personnel who are involved in site activities should always wear a hard hat before entering a construction site.

Safety Shoes

Safety shoes are a type of site protection equipment that is worn by all members of staff on a construction site. Most safety footwear consists of a steel toe cap covering to prevent any injuries to the feet during construction tasks. Likewise, if a worker is involved in electrical installation, they will wear non-contractive footwear.

Reflected Vests

Reflected vests are standard pieces of clothing that are worn on construction sites. It increases protection by ensuring staff can deal with weather changes, electricity, impacts and a large array of other risks. Site engineers frequently wear reflective vests to maintain visibility during site inspections.

Protective Goggles

Protective goggles are one of the most important forms of personal protective equipment. Machine operators, welders and bar benders all wear goggles to prevent sharp items from going inside their eyes as well as to enhance their vision when undertaking complex construction tasks.


The gloves worn by staff will vary depending on their job description. For example, insulated rubber gloves are used by electricians, fabric gloves are used for rough materials and chrome leather gloves are worn when handling sandblasting.

Besides, personnel who handle rough and sharp materials like pre-cast concrete and reinforcement bars will wear standard safety gloves. 

Headsets and Earmuffs

Hearing protection is crucial when noise levels exceed a certain point on a construction site. Headsets and ear muffs must meet international safety standards to be worn. Construction staff are not allowed to just place plain cotton in their ears to block out sound.

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