What Are Demolition Hammers Used For?

What Are Demolition Hammers Used For?

What Are Demolition Hammers Used For

Demolition hammers are useful tools in the construction industry to save money and time. You can buy them in a range of sizes for low, medium and hard complexity work.

When you need to demolish something that would take a long time with manual methods, demolition hammers are ideal.

What Are Demolition Hammers?

A demolition hammer is a power tool used to demolish resistant elements. It consists of an SDS steel tip that penetrates through hard surfaces. There are three types of demolition hammers: hydraulic, pneumatic and electric. In addition, several kinds of chisel types can be used alongside a demolition hammer, like:

  • Bushing tools
  • Flat tip
  • Stake driver
  • Spade
  • Flex chisel
  • Scrabbler
  • Point

Despite being a powerful tool, demolition hammers require the correct handling from an operator to be effective. A 90-degree angle maximises the power of the tool.

Some examples of strong structures you can demolish include reinforced walls and foundations.

Operators who use a demolition hammer must always follow the safety procedures such as keeping hands firm on the tool. There is a lot of vibration during use which could result in the demolition hammer slipping.

The Many Uses Of A Demolition Hammer

Besides being a powerful demolition tool, a demolition hammer can help carry out other tasks.

Tile Removal

Using a flex chisel of a demolition hammer can remove tiles without breaking them. This prevents what would usually be a lengthy task of removing each tile one by one to prevent raising dust.

Creating Holes In Concrete Structures

Point tips with demolition hammers are perfect for creating specific holes in structures. An example is when trying to demolish large buildings by drilling holes to place explosive charges to blow up the structure.

Asphalt Pavements

A flat tip with a demolition hammer is ideal for this purpose. Pavements wear down over time, therefore, this tool can be used to remove rectangular sections to add more asphalt underneath and improve the sturdiness of the pavement.

Enhancing Aesthetics 

This especially applies to hardened concrete elements where it is aesthetically pleasing to correct edges and make linear cuts. In this case, flat tips with a demolition hammer work the best.

Removal Of Tough Stains

A demolition hammer has a brushing tool that is very effective for removing stains on concrete pavements. It is quicker and more effective than any manual method of scrubbing or cleaning.

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