Types of piling rig and why you should hire them

Types of piling rig and why you should hire them

Types of piling rig and why you should hire them

A piling rig has a vital role within the construction industry today. While you might not be overly familiar with them, they can do a lot compared to a human hand. Piling rigs support and guide the hammer that is drilled into the ground. Without these rigs, it could be tough to complete a job. So, what types of piling rigs are there, and why should you hire one?

A forward-raked pile rig

A forward-raked piling rig is used when an installation is made in water. You can use the rig to install piles under the water’s surface, with the leader being fixed on a braced frame on a pontoon. This is often seen in underwater construction projects.

Pile driving rig

This piling rig has a hydraulic attachment to the base with a leader. The leaders are sloped backward or forwards and can make installing piles easier. You do not need to move equipment around, making it simpler for many difficult projects.
There are, however, many forms of piling, including:

  • Rotary Bored
  • Driven Sheet
  • Silent Sheet
  • Steel Sheet

Each type of piling has its advantages. It’s important to understand what each has to offer before choosing the appropriate type for your construction project.

Piling allows you to build on weaker soil

When soil is weak, it would be almost impossible to build on safely, but with the right piling, it can actually transform the soil. It means the piling could now support the weight of the building. That is one of the biggest reasons why you should hire a piling rig. It will help transform weaker soil, giving you more flexibility while working. It will make your job a lot easier in many ways.

Great weight threshold

Piling is durable in many ways, and it can withstand heavy loads at any one time. Piles can be custom-made to your exact specifications. This means foundations tend to be stabler and heavy or larger buildings can now be supported. A piling rig can be a valuable tool to have on your construction site as it’s more reliable and accurate too.

A piling rig can be effective in difficult areas

Hiring piling rigs can be very important to avoid a slowdown in construction time. For instance, a piling rig can be used in areas that would be difficult to drill holes in. That could slow your timetable down considerably and make it almost impossible to complete the job as agreed to. On the other hand, when you hire piling rigs, you’re able to drill into those tricky areas without any issues.

Ensure the longevity of your building

Piling rigs are crucial for the success of any construction project. It can be supportive, sustain heavy loads, and even allow you to build on weak soil. Hiring a rig makes sense; it can be affordable and makes the job go quicker too. A piling rig is a necessary tool that gets the job done.

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