Rent Ek110 Piling Rig

Rent Ek110 Piling Rig

If you want to rent a EK110 Piling Rig, search no further than Kisiel Hire. We offer a multi-purpose piling rig that is designed to enhance production, transportation, manoeuvrability, ease of use and versatility.

Our EK110 Piling Rig is constructed to be employed in a range of piling models such as jet grouting, soil displacement, soil mixing, diaphragm walling, CFA piling and kelly piling. The components of the piling rig are modular which allows easy conversion from one piling mode to another.

Experts In EK110 Piling Rig Rental Services

As experts in EK110 Piling Rig rental services we offer piling rigs of the highest quality. Another brilliant feature relates to its articulation structure which is similar to a regular excavator with a long boom holding up the mast. Hence, you can position the mast in a variety of ways, including the independent adjustment of its vertical position.

Furthermore, the wire rope positions of our EK110 Piling Rig does not depend on the position of the mast because the winches are also mounted on the mast. Therefore, this piling equipment offers a large array of benefits compared to other machines with parallelogram type mast supports such as more specific movements, faster setup time, easier maintenance and exceptional rigidity.

One Of The Best EK110 Piling Rig Rental Companies

We are one of the best EK110 Piling Rig rental companies, and we provide rigs that have outstanding production capability when compared to much larger machines. It is amazingly stable which allows fast and safe operating movements as well as seamless manoeuvrability on job sites.

When you rent our EK110 Piling Rig, you will experience how easy it is to transport without special permits due to being very light and compact. It comes with a base carrier too, that is constructed to meet the EK110 Rig’s specifications and ensures excellent reliability with operator cabin comfort. Besides, this base carrier is available in expandable tracks width or fixed 2.5m or 3m.

If you are interested in renting our EK110 Piling Rig or would like more information, call 0203 725 7451 or send us an email at

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