Excavator hire vs. buying – which makes better sense?

Excavator hire vs. buying – which makes better sense?

Excavator hire vs. buying – which makes better sense

Excavator hire can be a crucial part of a construction project. Excavators do most of the heavy lifting and will speed up the initial stages of construction too. Of course, that is where the debate begins over whether hiring or buying an excavator is best. It’s easy to see why people are torn over this decision. So, what makes better sense for you – hiring an excavator or buying one?

Buying an excavator can be expensive in the short and long-term

Contractors are often tempted to buy excavators. It’s understandable as it often appears less expensive than renting the equipment, especially for prolonged periods. The idea isn’t terrible but comes with drawbacks. For instance, when you buy a piece of equipment, you must provide long-term maintenance and servicing – both of which can be incredibly costly.
Buying an excavator can eat into your profits. Excavator hire, however, can be a better solution as it’s often more cost-effective. Renting excavators can be a good option because if it’s not something you need every week, you aren’t paying for equipment that’s sitting idle.

Excavator hire lets you pay for what you use

Excavator hire is often a better solution for contractors as it reduces costs. For example, you rent an excavator for five days. You only pay for those days and nothing more. On the other hand, if you don’t use excavators often and buy one, it can be a very expensive investment to make. It will take considerably longer for the excavator to pay for itself. That’s why excavator hire can be better.

No maintenance needed

Excavator hire can be a fantastic option because you never have to worry about servicing, maintenance, or anything related to it. You get a fully serviced machine that’s ready to go. That takes a huge weight off your shoulders. You’re not spending money to maintain the machine and that reduces your stress. While buying can be a good option, renting is sometimes easier and more effective.

Get access to the latest model

When you buy an excavator, you don’t plan on buying another for several years, at least. Unfortunately, newer models hit the market that are better than the one you currently have. It’s frustrating and often leaves you wondering whether to make the upgrade. Of course, that’s expensive to do. When you look for excavator hire, however, you never have to worry about having the best model. You get access to high-quality machines every time.

Hiring makes sense

People always think buying something outright is better because it works out cheaper in the long run but that’s not always true. Hiring equipment, like excavators, can often be smarter. It’s cost-effective and you only pay for the days you need it; hiring is a great way to save money and you have access to the latest machines too. Excavator hire is the solution you want to consider because it’s viable and effective.

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